July 18, 2008

Happy and Sad

Happy and Sad

I am happy,
But I'm also sad

I got some food,
But it was bad

My pants had holes,
But I got them patched

Then someone stole them,
And the shirt that matched

I have no home,
But I do have a car,

Too bad without fuel
I won't get very far

Had a 4.0 in college,
Even made the front page

Gee I wish I had a job,
Making minimum wage

At least I've got my health,
Well just about

Had two strokes,
And my teeth ripped out

Got a free tube of toothpaste,
To keep the keepers white

Too bad I ate the whole tube,
For dinner last night

A new bar of soap,
Scrub a dub dub

I use the sink at the gas station,
Instead of a tub

They say to be thankful,
For all that you have,

I guess that's why,
I'm both happy and sad

Copyright, JITB, 2009

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