July 6, 2010

Placating the People

Confidence in our leadership is at an all time low. Poverty levels have never been higher. Personal liberty and freedom have never been more suppressed than they are right now in this country. The people are pissed off. But instead of addressing the root causes of our woes, the politicians take handouts from, and do the bidding of the very powers that have been exploiting the people for years, while running this entire country right into the ground. Tax-dollar handouts for corporate welfare while the people starve to death on nutritionally void food-like products that the corporations push on us and make premium profits from. Bank bailouts while people are losing their homes to those same banks that created our fiscal woes to begin with, and again posting record profits. All the while the people fight amongst themselves over non-issues that have no impact on the wholesale raping of this nation, divided by illusory and antiquated notions of political polarity. All of the politicians have their hands in the cookie jar, scraping at the bottom, yet we have buffoons like this trying to lead us to believe that he will be the one to make a difference...

That commercial is a shameful exploitation of the people's discontent, across the political spectrum. He makes a mockery of the sacrifice of the founding fathers, while trying to placate people who are fed up, courting their votes for his own personal political gain. This isn't a damned game Mr. Rick Barber. That is not a make-believe Congressional office, and the problems of this nation are not going to be solved with costumes and toy guns. But fools like him will think that his tough talk has the ring of a legitimate call to arms, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Meanwhile, on the Left, the best they can come up with is Keith Olberman calling the commercial treason...

Barber is no revolutionary Mr. Olberman. He is a spineless dog barking loud, aspiring to be a lobbyist whore, pretending to be a revolutionary, while dressing up his campaign like a prison-bitch on the prowl for a pack of smokes. But Mr. Olberman, there was a lot more to the Revolution than the right to vote. Propping up that moron as if he were some sort of real threat to the establishment only enhances the myth, and the notion that we the people actually have any real choice anymore.

No matter who we vote for, we are voting for another tool who will do the bidding of the highest bidder, and the back-room-deal overlords who paved the way into office. We legitimize the evil being perpetrated in our names. But maybe we really should just be thankful that the Tea Party activists are a bunch of simple-minded hicks, proud of their own ignorance, and not genuine revolutionaries...

I would hate to think what sort of country this would be if they had their way. All those people fighting against healthcare reform for all the wrong reasons, calling it socialism, as if that were a dirty word. Socialist healthcare reform might have actually been the way to go. Put doctors on the government payroll and make hospitals government institutions, just like our military and police. Regulate costs, salaries, malpractice settlements, give equality to patient care, etcetera. But of course you never hear a Republican call our military socialist, or suggest spending cuts even when the Pentagon admits to losing $2.3 trillion. Not spent that much mind you, not put that money into black ops. Just "lost" more than a third of our entire national debt! (Our debt was about $5.7T at that time.) Oh, you never heard about that?

But the fact of the matter is that Obama's healthcare plan was never socialist at all. There is no real government control mandated in the healthcare reform, other than forcing you to buy private insurance. Hospital workers are not going to become government employees. We aren't going to get affordable insurance at the same rate that a neighbor pays, much less no cost healthcare like they have in Britain. That would be socialism. Instead, in true totalitarian fashion, we are being forced to participate in state-sanctioned corporatism. That's fascism folks. An amalgamation of collectivism and corporate oligarchy. When the state own the companies, that's communism. When the companies own the state, that's fascism. So here is the Right, blaming the Left for what amounts to instituting an extreme Right-wing policy. What do the Republicans do when they want to pass a blatantly fascist bill catering to their corporate handlers? Have a Democrat do it and call it Communism. Might be funny if it weren't actually true...

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Obama promised that the closing of Guantanamo prison would be one of his first acts in office. Still hasn't happened. Obama promised to end the war, instead he is using the Bush "surge strategy" in Afghanistan now, where we have almost a hundred thousand troops as the war debt goes stratospheric. Instead of repealing the draconian infringements on our liberty instituted by the Patriot Act and similar measures, the police-state is ratcheted down even tighter every time someone farts in an airport. He promised change, I don't see any change at all. Yet the simple-minded Tea-Party crowd would have you believe that he is the African chairman Mao. He is no communist, socialist, or even a proper liberal except to the extent that is caters to corporate interests. He is a fascist, the same as his predecessor. A predecessor who failed to tow the party line and do a damn thing about securing the border, where a very real war has been unfolding for more than a decade, because he was only a conservative so far as it pandered to his corporate friends and secret society brothers. The two party system is a sham, but the perfect tool to incrementally implement the point by point tenets of a fascist totalitarian state, which takes elements of both left and right to forge its totalitarian grip on power. Here we are frogs in a pot on the stove, boiling away, arguing about whether the water should be blue or red. We root for our candidates the way we would a football team, rather than on the merits of their platform and their integrity as people to follow through on their campaign promises, and then we flip the channel over to American Idol.

Placating the people is the last stop, the last job, the last bit of usefulness these politicians can squeeze out of their existence before finally becoming the rubber-stamp legislative bodies we read about in history books, and poke fun at when it is in places like North Korea. The police-state is here, and soon the last vestiges of the old republic will be swept away, to thunderous applause. History, it seems, has taught us nothing.

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